If you are a manager or a resident of a community, we can help you.

My wife and I started this company almost 10 years ago with only one contract.  Today we have contracts with properties spanning the entirety of the First Coast.  Some of these properties are Community Development Districts and others are Condominium Complexes.  But all of these properties have one thing in common: an amenity center for the residents to enjoy.


  We realized years ago that with certain residential communities, there are challenges regarding the organization of maintaining the residents' common area facilities.  Usually, there is a property manager in an office off-site who handles a litany of tasks...for many properties at once.  Add to the mix, an employee or two who work at the property to do the maintenance items or janitorial jobs, and the managing of these employees to ensure a satisfactory service is being presented.  In this instance, the manager will additionally need to find and contract with the properly licensed contractors to handle jobs the employee is not qualified to do.

This is where our services are paramount for you and your property.  We are the liaison between the property and the manager.  We have our own employees and contract with the property to have them work as much is needed to maintain an outstanding area your residents will proud of.  We are all Certified Pool Operators, so there is no need to outsource to a pool company for any reason.  Should an issue arise on the property that we are not licensed to handle, it gets sent directly to one of our approved vendors and we schedule with them, leaving a lot less work for the manager.


We would be more than happy help you and your community find a streamline solution to your pool, maintenance, and janitorial needs.  Our managers are extremely hands on and will be your manager's "dream come true."